Celebrity Style at Ageless this week has to be the one and only Eminem, he is by far the most popular rapper of his generation thanks to his latest album release ‘Music To Be Murdered By’ featuring hit single Godzilla which allegedly recorded over 500 million global streams on Spotify as of November 2020.

Eminem’s influence on fashion is highly respected, his unique streetwear style has captured the minds of many people and brands alike including Ageless. Our Celebrity Style at Ageless range consists of oversized hoodies, tees and sweaters.

Eminem has a simple, toned down style of dress. With a few oversized sweaters and beanie hats, you can easily dress like Eminem. He also has a distinct attitude, and is no stranger to controversy. Work on always speaking your mind and not worrying about what others think about you.


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The most popular outfit Eminem wears is a combination of hoodies and t-shirts. Don’t worry if your budget is not as big as Eminem’s because we have our created our Celebrity Style at Ageless range where we have put together an outfit to match his style with a much more affordable price tag. With hoodies at £35, sweaters at £30 and t-shirts at £20, your bank balance will thank you later!

Ageless Fearless Hoodie

Ageless Fearless Hoodie


Celebrity Style at Ageless

Ageless Fearless V Neck T-Shirt

Ageless Authentic T-Shirt

Ageless Authentic T-Shirt

The Celebrity Style at Ageless is not designed just men, we have also got the same styles in for women. Take a look at  these oversized tees.

The Celebrity Style at Ageless oversized sweatshirts for women are a firm favourite.

Celebrity Style at Ageless - Ageless Pure Sweatshirt

With all the advice we’ve given you, we are sure you’re ready to conquer the fashion world with your Eminem inspired outfits.

The Celebrity Style at Ageless are selling fast so if we don’t have your size available then just drop us a message or ask us on the chat box and we can tell you when that stock is due in.

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